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Here at Process Service Associates whether you are an Attorney, Paralegal, Pro-per, Plaintiff, or Defendant, we guarantee you Fast, Quality Agua Dulce process serving.

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Process Service Associates of Agua Dulce, CA. has been providing legal support services to Law Firms, Investigators, Attorneys and Pro-pers (without Attorney) in the Agua Dulce area and California for over 20 years.
We offer a variety of Legal Services including Process Serving and Court Filing. For ordering service of process please fillout our Process Service Form.
Process Service Associates of Agua Dulce, CA. is located within easy access of all Courthouses in the Greater Los Angeles area.
Call our Agua Dulce location.
We're here to answer all of your questions and can help you place your request for process service in Agua Dulce. Call us for free information: 1-800-799-5142.
How much will It cost to serve my paper in Agua Dulce ?
Generally process service fees in Agua Dulce range from $65.00 for routine service of process within 3-5 business days. Or faster Rush $95.00 and Priorty Service $125.00
Get a free quote by calling 1-800-799-5142 ( 9am-5pm PST business hours) or by sending us an email at: (24/7).
For a low fee our private Agua Dulce process servers will serve your subpoena, summons, complaint, restraining order, small claims, divorce petition, child support petition, notice, citation and any other legal document in the City of Agua Dulce.
We are Registered with the City of Agua Dulce, Los Angeles County, California.
We are bonded, licensed and registered by the County of Los Angeles. Our automated system will accept your request for process serving and guide you through step by step.

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